CPT-pro 6.00
New generation of CPT-pro software.

Version 6.00 of CPT-pro has implemented entirely modified two main modules  - Intepretation and CPT Explorer. Both are based on Unicode standard, which allows to use all national characters (Greek etc.) in any text gerated in these modules (shortcuts of parameter names, soil descriptions etc.). Interpretation module has additionally implemented new graphics, which offers possibilities of adding a number of new functions in future. 

Version 6.00 has implemented all functions included in last version of former generation 5.66. Internal structure of software was modified for adding new classification and interpretation methods in next versions. 

All CPT-pro Users who have GSP (Golden Support Program) valid for the day 2016.10.31 may download version 6.00 and all next ones released in this year in terms of GSP without any extra charge. They may also continue GSP in next years on the same conditions.